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Dr Nikhil Arbatti has been practising spine surgery since 2005, he has undergone Training at various Reputed Centers Nationally & Internationally. After his extensive training Dr Nikhil has worked as a Consultant in various Hospitals in Chennai, Surat & Currently in Mumbai. Dr Nikhil has seen more than 10000 patients and has done more than 5000 Spinal & more than 2000 Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries.

He has vast experience in treating all spinal conditions from Minimally Invasive Decompressions to Complex Revision Spine Surgeries.

Dr. Nikhil gives ample of time to every patient who comes for Consultations. The basis of a good outcome of any treatment is to understand the exact Problem that the patient has, and to arrive at a proper Diagnosis. A good clinical Observation helps in understanding the patients problems better and suggesting him an appropriate therapy. Dr Nikhil has innumerable patients who have utmost trust and confidence in getting treated for their Spinal Problems from Dr Nikhil Arbatti & His team.

Dr.Nikhil Addresses every patients spinal treatment with a team approach.

Our Team Includes Qualified Spine Surgeons Trained under Dr.Nikhil Arbatti, also Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Specialists. Thus every patient is examined and investigated and then a proper treatment plan is decided, which is either  Conservative or Surgical.

The Team specialises in making sure the Recovery of every patient is Complete in the expected period. To aid in the treatment and Recovery Our team utilises the latest equipments to provide a Precise and Safe Recovery from the Problem.


Most frequent questions and answers

While there is no particular one reason, it can be combination of multiple factors, it is seen that by birth some people may have structural weakness in the discs and other spinal structures, apart from this lifestyle & medical factors are big contributors.

Upto 70% of the times, pain symptoms, can be due to poor musculoskeletal architecture, that is the muscles are weak and also lifestyle and posture together can aggravate the pain.

Any surgery  has some risks ranging from minor complications like infections to major complications like non resolution of symptoms, bleeding etc.

With the advancement of technology and skilled persons performing these surgeries, these risks have been reduced significantly, so as to say, can be considered negligible.

Infact in some surgeries for some conditions, these can be performed as daycare procedures, that is after the procedure the patient can go home the same day in the evening or night.

Nowadays the lifestyle of young people is very sedentary, with Majority of time being spent indoors. With very less physical activity or sports, this leads to poor strength & tone of muscles and bones.

Poor muscle tone leads to strain on the spinal structures & bones, which ultimately lead to spine problems .These problems progress if the underlying issues are not corrected early.

The way you sit and stand has a big say in the strength of the muscles and the development of back pain. Since majority of people have a office job, and they sit on desks for 8-10 hours daily, If you sit hunched forward or stoop while walking , which is a wrong posture, it will cause unequal stress on the back muscles leading to pain and eventually spine problems.

There are innumerable reasons by which the spinal cord can get compressed, if the compression on the spinal cord is severe and long standing, it can lead to damage of the nerves within the spinal cord, this damage though not always immediate, but slowly & gradually weakness of the affected areas can develop.

Medicines that are usually given to control pain in people suffering from spinal problem, are painkillers.

These Painkillers if taken for a long duration can lead to several side effects, some which can be mild like acidity and gastric upset, but others more deadly like renal failure, liver enzymes imbalance and blood sugar imbalance 

Currently there are NO medicines to reverse a Spinal Problem, but the medicines are only to give temporary relief.

Mattresses provide external support to the body while sleeping, they  help in reducing load on the muscles.

Any Firm Mattress does this, you don’t need any particular brand.

Mattresses are of ‘no help’ in altering the spinal problems, especially Slip disc etc.  

Usually patients with spinal problem, who have severe pain, we try all conservative approaches, like physiotherapy, Medications, Epidural & Root block injections, to reduce the symptoms at least upto  4-6 months.

If the patient is not better after such a period only than we advise surgery.

Nowadays we do spine surgeries in a Minimally invasive & Endoscopic approach, this surgery does not cause any major tissue damage, the post-operative period is not painful, and recovery is quick.

Hence patients after a Minimally invasive spine surgery can get back to their normal routine quickly.

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