Revision Spine Surgeries

Revision Spine Surgeries

Patients who have undergone Spinal Surgeries more than 5-10 years ago, can present with newer symptoms at either the same operated level or at another level.

These may occur due to natural ageing of the Spine, or due to wear and tear of any hardware which was inserted at the time of first surgery.

A Revision Spine surgery, though a complex surgery, is done regularly by Dr.Nikhil Arbatti & his team to overcome the newer problems.

Revision Surgeries may involve redoing decompression, or may involve, instrumenting with screws & rods additionally.

[ figure def 1, def 2, def 3]

With the use of additional equipments like microscope, minimally invasive tubes, Neuromonitoring and navigation, these surgeries can also be safely and precisely be done.