Tips For Healthy Spine

Spinal Problems are basically related to lifestyle and lifestyle changes in the long term directly affect the spine. Lifestyle is a combination of Posture, Daily Activities, Physical Exercises, Medical Conditions and Dietary Habits.

Changes in these according to ones Lifestyle, affects ones Spine Directly & Indirectly.

It is important to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle so as to keep ones Spine Healthy

Here are some tips how to keep your spine healthy, by following simple do’s & don’ts and some simple exercises which can be done at home & office also.


It is one of the mainstay’s to keep the spine healthy and fit for long term.

A proper posture balances the spine and prevents excessive loading of the disc and thus excessive wear and tear.

Tips to maintain a proper posture:

Figure maintaining proper posture some tips 

Figure showing how to maintain proper posture  

Home Exercises & Stretching : Some simple exercises for the spine can be done at home by majority of people, You don’t need any fancy equipment’s and these are suitable for majority of people.

Apart from these basic exercises, some additional exercises for spine can be done under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist.

Figure simple exercises that can be done at home


Figure of Simple exercises that can be done at home for the spine

Office Exercises : For Office Goers who spend 10-12 hours in office and are on their desks and chairs, its very essential that they take breaks in between so as to relax and stretch their muscles and also to prevent excessive wear and tear and fatigue.

Some simple stretching exercises as shown below can be done by any office goer at his  work place also.

Figure simple office exercises done which can done at workplace

Figure showing simple office exercises  which can be done at workplace