Latest Developments in Spine Surgery: 

Spinal Surgery has undergone tremendous changes in the last 2 decades. The Focus is now on performing Spine surgeries with Minimal Tissue damage & Faster Recovery,  With the advent of use Microscopes, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery has progressed tremendously.

Most of the surgeries which were routinely being performed in the traditional open way, can be performed through the Minimally Invasive technique. The benefits in the short term and long term for the patients are tremendous. With shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and almost normal routine activities after recovery, Minimally invasive Spine surgery is benefitting patients tremendously.

To make Spinal surgery more precise and safer, we have now started using Neuromonitoring, Navigation & Robotics.

These equipment’s help tremendously in performing complex spine surgeries in an easy and precise manner.

Most of these equipment’s are available in all major Hospitals, and are routinely used for all “Complex and Revision” spine surgeries.