Physiotherapy_nonsurgical treatment explained by dr nikhil arbatti

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation program started to reduce the muscle spasm and  increase the muscle tone, Its indicated for people with spinal problems but mainly due to muscle weakness and muscle spasms. 

Physiotherapy is Non Surgical treatment for your spinal problems.

The duration of the physiotherapy depends on the type and severity of the problem.

Since this Modality is for improving the muscle tone, it is tried out first for majority of spinal problems, and if there is not much of an improvement, then a surgical option is considered.

Physiotherapy once started takes a gradual time to produce results, initially the physiotherapy started is to reduce the pain by reducing the spasms.

Once the pain has effectively subsided we start with muscle toning and strengthening exercises.

These exercises once they produce significant improvement, they need to be continued regularly after the pain has subsided also.

Physiotherapy explained by dr nihil arbatti spine surgeon