Osteoporotic Fracture Treatment


Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty

Fractures occurring in Osteoporotic patients, can be very debilitating. The patient suffers from severe pain and becomes non-ambulatory. These all factors in old age patients can be troublesome,  as apart from Osteoporosis, the patient also suffers from some co-morbidities, which need proper management, or they may be staying alone and don’t have any household help for supplementing their day to day activities.

In such cases, we try to supplement the fracture by inserting cement into the fractured weak bone. This not only bulks up the bone but also prevent further collapse, also the pain is also reduced by almost 70-80%.

The name of the procedure is Vertebroplasty and if we use a balloon initially to fill the cement it is called Kyphoplasty.

We don’t require Anaesthesia for the procedure it is done under under awake conditions and under local, in the operating room under proper X-ray vision, we inject the cement into the fractured bone and make sure, that there is no spillage outside.

The patient can be mobilised post procedure quickly, and

can be discharged the same day after the procedure.